Economics and management sciences are of increasing importance in fisheries and aquaculture for understanding the uncertain environments in production and Marketing. Changes in management systems, public policies and consumer preferences evidence the need of a continuous adaptation to the economic and social environment in which the activities take place.

Aquaculture, meanwhile, is a relatively new harvest method complementing the supply from wild fisheries in the global markets. It has become a sustainable alternative, despite of conflicts, to meet with the increasing World seafood demand.

To address all key issues in an orderly manner, each day is focused around a particular topic: the program will start with an analysis of the general frame on fisheries economics; the following days will be dedicated to explore new trends in aquaculture, the industry of fisheries and aquaculture, shellfish and seafood marketing.

The seminar will feature an outstanding selection of speakers of great prestige in the field of fisheries Socioeconomics. The panel involves distinguished researchers and professors, representatives of FAO, policy makers, and industry agents coming from Europe, USA and Australia. The vision of key experts will be debated at roundtables with the participation of a large number of stakeholders in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors of Galicia and Spain.

Directed by  Prof. Jose Manuel Fernández Polanco, from the University of Cantabria and Prof. Trond Bjorndal, from SNF Centre for Applied Research at Bergen, Norway.